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Golden Charter Prepayment Funeral Plans provide Funeral Prepayment plans for the clients of James Ashton & Son Ltd, Edward McHugh, James Ashton & Edward McHugh in Dundee and Macgregors Funeral Directors in St Andrews, who are all independently owned.

What is a Funeral Prepayment Plan?
A Funeral Plan provides for all the known Funeral Directors charges and most of the disbursements payable by the Funeral Director on your behalf subject to certain conditions, whether the funeral is burial or cremation.

Why does it make sense to purchase a Funeral Prepayment Plan?
Purchasing a Funeral Plan will ensure that you have the peace of mind that comes with the knowledge that your wishes will be recorded and respected and that your family will be spared some of the inevitable burden of bereavement and financial anxiety.

You can decide on the type of funeral you want. We will provide professional advice to assist you in making the various choices that are part of the funeral arrangement.

When you have decided the details of your chosen funeral, we will then calculate the cost at today's price which will then be the price you pay for the plan.

Unlike insurance policies, there are no age limits and no health checks.

Whilst our fees are guaranteed, disbursements such as cremation fee, interment fee or fee to clergy or indeed any other third party costs are not. Disdursements are beyond our control and thus we may have to ask for the difference between the disbursements at the date the plan was purchased and the date of the funeral. All items with respect to the differences you may be asked to pay will be clearly identified. We reiterate that our charges are guaranteed and you will not be asked for any extra money concerning our charges but sadly disbursements are beyond our control.

Arrangements can be changed at any time in the future and should extra items be added the flexibility of the plans allow these items to be costed at the time of the alterations.

For those wishing to spread the cost of paying for a plan, a period of one year is allowed with no interest charge payable provided the plan is paid in full within the period.

Should a client's death occur before the plan is paid in full, the funeral will take place exactly as planned, and any outstanding amount would be payable by the next of kin or from the deceased's estate.

Funeral Costs Comprise of two separate elements:-
Funeral Director's charges:

  • Making all necessary arrangements for you and your families behalf including the initial interview, arranging intimations, handling and care of floral tributes and donations, making and receiving all necessary telephone calls and for arranging the attendance of the minister or the priest at the funeral service.
  • Completion and organising of all statutory forms.
  • Removal from place of death to our rest rooms at any hour of the day and provision of robe.
  • Use of the Rest Rooms prior to the funeral, viewing facilities and care of the deceased, use of Service Rooms and our attendance fees.
  • Provision of hearse and/or limousine(s) for the chosen funeral.
  • Supply of fully furnished coffin of your choice.
  • Preparation and printing of order of service sheets where required.
  • Organising and paying all the disbursements on your behalf.

Disbursements payable on your behalf:

  • Crematorium fees including use of organ or interment fee in the case of a burial.
  • Should you not already own burial ground, this should be purchased in advance and kept separate from the plan.
  • Donation to church or clergy.
  • Death intimations and acknowledgments.
  • Floral tributes.
  • Organist and church officer fees.
  • Sculptor accounts.
  • Hotel accounts.